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NO.1 Professional Site Material Manufacturer

Started on 2005 by professional engineers in telecom industry, Maxdao has been focused on telecom site material manufacturing and designing over 10 years. Headquarted in China telecom industry hub, with 10+ experienced engineers and 4500m² factory, Maxdao can offer our customer a one-stop source for feeder cable installation material and customized feeder cable installation solution.

By succefully meet the request of our customer and the changing market, Maxdao has developed a full product line include: Universal type clamp, hooking type clamp, ……. Also Maxdao can design specialized products to meet our customers’ specific request. Some of them was patented in China, North America, Europe…
Paragraph 2 – What we do
After introducing your company in paragraph one, the second paragraph would be an ideal place to establish your:
1. Product range/services offered
2. Machinery and technology used
3. Production experience
4. Number of staff (and foreign language speakers if you have them)
5. How orders are handled
6. Share significant achievements that would be meaningful to buyers
When introducing your products, avoid lengthy descriptions as they belong in your product description section. Certain industries will be interested in knowing what machinery and technology you use and your production experience as well.
Stating the number of people that you employ will give your reader an indication of your company’s size. If you do employ speakers of foreign languages, make sure that you make this clear as potential buyers will feel confident that they will be understood when they contact you.
Making buyers aware of significant achievements that your company has made is another effective way to differentiate your company from your competitors.
Paragraph 3 – QA/QC
Quality certifications (such as ISO) allow for an increased level of trust and mentioning them in your company introduction can only benefit you. You may also wish to inform buyers of the quality control procedures that you have in place and whether you use or welcome third parties approved by buyers to handle QC operations. Additionally, adding your monthly output volume, countries/regions serviced and any major clients that you have will also build credibility with buyers. It is important to keep in mind that awards or certifications that are specific to your city or area only will be meaningless to readers and so you may wish to omit such certificates to save the reader from confusion.
Paragraph 4 – The closing
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