Gel Seal Enclosure for 1/2”S cable to connector (4.3-10 and 7/16), short version

12 weatherproof enclosreThe gel closure is a weatherproofing system for sealing coaxial cable jumper-to-feeder and jumper-to-antenna connectors exposed to the outside environment. The housing contains an the gel material and provides an efficient moisture block effectively water-proofing the connectors. The ease of installation and the long term protection makes it a reliable and cost effective sealing solution for outside plant cables and connectors.

OrderingPart Number   WPE-12-A-S

Cable range   0.51-0.67″

Length   2.36″

Diameter (hex / circular)   1.04″     Nut diameter   1.26″

Nut height   0.49-0.63″

Product Line Coaxial cable weatherproof

Type Weather Gel Seal Enclosure

Color     Black

Material  Type    PC+Gel

IP Rating  IP68

Installation Temperature,°C(°F) -10 to 60 (14 to 140)

Operation Temperature,°C(°F) -30 to 60 (-22 to 140)

Storage Temperature,°C(°F) -30 to 60 (-22 to 140)

Packing detailsPacking    1 pcs in a bag

Carton    25 pcs

Weight    4.8 kg

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