Hanger cable assembly for 3/8″ cable,w/ 4-7mm cushion insert

Hanger-Cable-Assembly-For-38-Cable,W-4-7mm-Cushion-InsertThis kind of hanger cable clamp is specially designed for the FTTA site, with 4-7mm cushion insert, it can offer various hanger solution for the fiber & power cable;

  • Manufactured with long glass PP and high quality SS304
  • Temperature which can be used in -40℃ ~ +120℃
  • Thermel, chemical and UV resistant
  • Dacromet plating available as per request

Cable block assembly clamp 8mm hardware series for cable applications

The hanger clamp is designed specifically for wireless applications. These stackable space saving clamps provide versatility in all applications reducing material and installation cost.

Hanger clamps are manufactured from a durable weather resistant long glass polypropylene which exceeds the recommended temperature parameters for coaxial cable i.e. (-40° to 185 ° F). Thermal, chemical and UV resistance ensure long term in extreme environments including mountain tops, deserts, coastal and industrial type application. Hardware is available in 304 stainless steel or dacromet plating.

Cable block assembly clamp stainless steel 8mm hardware series
Part number Hanger size Hanger range Configuration Description Kit quantity Kit weight
FCD38R316S8S 3/8″ cable – 4-7mm fiber 3/16″/3/8″ (4-7mm / 10-12mm) Single stack (SS) for 1 3/8″ cable, w/ 1 4-7mm  insert 1 .35lbs
FCD38R316S8D 3/8″ cable – 4-7mm fiber 3/16″/3/8″ (4-7mm / 10-12mm) Double stack (DS) for 2 3/8″ cable, w/ 2 4-7mm insert 1 .41lbs
FCD38R316S8T 3/8″ cable – 4-7mm fiber 3/16″/3/8″ (4-7mm / 10-12mm) Triple stack (TS) for 3 3/8″ cable, w/ 3 4-7mm  insert 1 .48lbs

Specs download: Hanger Cable Assembly For 3/8″ Cable,W/ 4-7mm Cushion Insert



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