New optimized 5/8″ coax blocks with 3/8″ thread rod hole


Coax blocks are a kind of hanger solution meet new request of fix many cable in minimal space.

The support blocks utilize a 2-piece dual support configuration to fix two cables side-by-side and they can be conveniently stacked. Installation is easily accomplished using any of the standard threaded rod mounting hardware kits. Made of durable long glass black polypropylene, Maxdao coax support blocks are UV and sunlight resistant to stand up to the rigors of extended outdoor service.

After design and optimization of old mold, now maxdao launched a new type of coax blocks for 5/8″ size cable with features as below;

  • Optimized to FIT 5/8″ cable very well
  • Minimal gap to prevent the ice accommodation
  • Optimized material with UV resistant
  • Can be used in temperature  -40° to 185 ° F


5/8″ coax blocks with 3/8″ (M10) rod hole
Part NO CB-D10-58
Package Quantity 10 kits
Size 5/8″ (21.4-22mm)
Mounts to 3/8″ or M10 threaded rod
Cables per Hanger 2
Color Black
Maximum Stack Height 3
Mechanical Specifications
Axial Load Capability, minimum with no cable slippage ≥5 times cable weight
Mounting 3/8″ or M10 threaded rod
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F)
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥100 hours exposure in accelerated UV life chamber
Vibration Survival ≥4 hours at resonant frequency




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