Andrew, RFS installation material cross reference

As below is a cross reference between CommScope / Andrew and RFS for some usually used installation material.

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Andrew Part Number Description RFS Part Number
29958 5/8″ lace up HOIST1-105L
42334 flat SS adapter N/A
43094 1/2″ lace up HOIST1-12L
221213 weatherproof kit WPFG-1
42615-10 Butyl Rubber Tape, 24 in 3M/2228 butyl(50.8*1.65*1m)
9905-41 Black 3/4 in PVC Tape, 66 ft 3M/33+ butyl(19*0.18*20m)
9905-71 Black 2 in PVC Tape, 20 ft 3M/1712 tape(50*0.18*10m)
243684 compact 3/8″ AA ANGLE-CLPI
19256B 7/8″ lace up HOIST1-78L
204673-16 4×4 entry panel NA
223158-2 1/4″ & 3/8″ Grounding Kit GKFORM60-38
223158-4 1/4″ & 3/8″ Grounding Kit GKFORM60-38
241088-1 1/2″ Ground Kit GKFORM60-12
243095-1 SS Hdwr Kit NA
243095-3 SS Hdwr Kit NA
243095-5 SS Hdwr Kit NA
252026-10KT Angle Adapter, miniature, M8 tapped hole NA
252027-10KT Hardware Kit for Mini Click-On Hangers, includes M8 bolts and hardware NA
252028-10KT Hardware Kit for Mini Click-On Hangers, includes M8 bolts and hardware NA
252029-10KT Hardware Kit for Mini Click-On Hangers, includes M8 bolts and hardware NA
31670-1 Round Member Adapter RMA-AI
31670-2 Round Member Adapter RMA-BI
31670-3 Round Member Adapter RMA-CI
31670-4 Round Member Adapter RMA-DI
31670-5 Round Member Adapter RMA-EI
31768A 3/8″ Hole AA ANGLE-CLPI
31769-1 3/8″ SS hdwr kit 914623
31769-5 3/8″ SS hdwr kit 914623
42396A-2 1-5/8 butterfly CLAMP-158
42396A-4 2-1/4 butterfly CLAMP-214
42396A-5 7/8 butterfly CLAMP-105
42396A-9 5/8 butterfly CLAMP-58
43211A 1/2 butterfly NA
48939A-10 5″ boot NA
48939A-15 5″ boot NA
48939A-16 5″ boot NA
48939A-17 5″ boot BOOT5-12-4
48939A-2 5″ boot NA
48939A-4 5″ boot NA
48939A-9 5″ boot NA
912MCLICK Miniature Click-On Hanger for 9-12mm cable NA
CA-TNRNF-V2 Coax Materials NM-R-NF
F4PDMV2-C Coax Materials 716M-SCF12-D01
F4PDR-C Coax Materials 716MR-SCF12-D01
F4PNMV2-HC Coax Materials NM-SCF12-D01
L4A-PDMDM-4M Coax Materials 7M7ML12-140FFP
L7SGRIP 1-5/8 grip HOIST1-158L
SA-38 3-way standoff – no RM NA
SG12-12B2U 1/2 ground kit GKFORM60-12
SG158-12B2U 1-5/8 ground kit GKFORM60-158
SG78-12B2U 7/8 ground kit GKFORM60-78
SHT-4 Stackable insert tool NA
SSH-12 1/2 stackable SNAP-12
SSH-158 1-5/8 stackable SNAP-ST-158
SSH-78 7/8 stackable SNAP-ST-78
TTS3-56 3-way standoff – 4-5 RM NA
UG12158-15B4-T Universal Ground Kit NA
UGBKIT 2-1/2 x 19-1/2 Buss Bar GBAR-12
UGBKIT-0214-T 2×14 Tinned Bar GBAR-13
UGBKIT-2T 2×12 Tinned Bar GBAR-11
244377 connector torque wrench
244379 connector torque wrench
600899A-2 Antenna Down – Tilt Unit
ARA-22 Coax Materials


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