U.S. customary system & Metric conversions

Maxdao use U.S. customary system in North America area and measures as well as the metric equivalent, as below is the 2 charts for easily use.

U.S. customary system into metric conversions
If you know mutiply by To get
Length milli-inch(mil) 25.4 microns(um)
inches(in) 25.4 millimeters(mm)
inches(in) 2.54 centimeters(cm)
feet(ft) 30.48 centimeters(cm)
yards(yd) 0.91 meters(m)
miles(mi) 1.61 kilometers(km)
Area sq.inches(in²) 6.45 sq.centimeters(cm²)
sq.feets(ft²) 0.09 sq.meters(m²)
sq.yards(yd²) 0.84 sq.meters(m²)
sq.miles(mi²) 2.59 sq.kilometers(km²)
acres 0.4 hectares(ha)
mass(weight) ounces(oz) 28.35 grams(g)
pounds(lbs) 0.45 kilograms(kg)
shorttons 0.91 tons(t)
Temperature Fahrenheit(°F) subtract32,then multiply by0.56 celsius()
Mass per Length pounds per 1000 feets (lbs/kft) 1.49 kilograms per kilometers(kg/km)
Force pounds force(lbf) 4.45 newtons(N)
foot-pounds(ft-lbs) 1.36 newtons-meters(N-m)
pounds force per inches(lbf/in) 1.75 newtons per centimeters(N/cm)
pounds per sq.inches(psl) 6.89 kilopascals(kpa)
Metric conversions into U.S. customary system into
If you know Multiply by To get
Length microns(um) 0.04 milli-inch(mil)
millimeters(mm) 0.04 inches(in)
centimeters(cm) 0.39 inches(in)
meters(m) 3.28 feet(ft)
meters(m) 1.09 yards(yd)
kilometers(km) 3280.84 feet(ft)
kilometers(km) 0.62 mils(mi)
Area sq.centimeters(cm²) 0.16 sq.inches(in²)
sq.meters(m²) 1.2 sq.yards(yd²)
sq.kilometers(km²) 0.39 sq.miles(mi²)
hectares(ha) 2.47 acres
Weight grams(g) 0.04 ounces(oz)
kilograms(kg) 2.2 pounds(lbs)
tons(t) 1.1 short tons
Temperature celsius() Multiply by1.80,then add 32 Fahrenheit(°F)
Weight per unit Length kilograms per kilometers(kg/km) 0.67 pounds per 1000 feets (lbs/kft)
Force newtons(N) 0.22 pounds force(lbf)
newtons-meters(N-m) 0.74 foot-pounds(ft-lbs)
newtons per centimeters(N/cm) 0.57 pounds force per inches(lbf/in)
kilopascals(kpa) 0.15 pounds per sq.inches(psl)


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