Cushion insert for 3/8″ coaxial cable, suit 1,3,4,6 or 9 holes


As per the market needs, Maxdao now developed the cushion insert for 3/8″ corrugated and smoothwall coaxial cable.

The cushion insert can be used with Entry boot assembly or Cushion head clamp + Round Member Adapters.

There are 4 types developed to use, which with 1, 3, 4 or 6 holes, and also we develop the according plug to use with it.

The inserts are made of durable EPDM rubber construction and are ideal for temperature and environmental extremes.

Nominal Size 3/8″
Cable Type Coaxial cable
Color Black
Material Type EPDM rubber
UV Resistance Test Method MIL-STD-810E, Procedure 11, Method 505
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥1000 hours
Weather Resistance Test Method 04AS00-03.9.0|IEC 60529:2001, IP66
Part NO. Description
CI381 Cushion insert with 1 hole 3/8″ (0.44″)
CI383 Cushion insert with 3 holes 3/8″ (0.44″)
CI384 Cushion insert with 4 holes 3/8″ (0.44″)
CI386 Cushion insert with 6 holes 3/8″ (0.44″)
CI389 Cushion insert with 9 holes 3/8″ (0.44″)




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