Clamp for 3 power cables 12-22mm and 4 fiber cables 7-8mm

clamps for 3 power cable 12-22mm and  4 fiber cables 7-8mm
As per the request from European customer, a new size of FTTA clamp was developed.

This type clamp offers a combined solutions for power cables (DC) and fiber optic cables (FO)

The type FTTA clamp are widely used in European country, which is cost effective and especially the flexibility when fixing different size of DC power cables.


  • stainless steel can hook on flat 3-25mm and round Φ8-25mm
  • ASIS304 sliding pressure plate to fix the clamps tightly
  • Fiberglass reinforced P.A. calibrated saddles to fix the cable, black or gray can be chose


The clamp is designed to fastening 3 power cables and 4 fiber cables on structures flat 3-25mm and round Φ8-25mm.

Product line Cable clamp
Clamp type European standard
Cable type Power (hybrid) cable and fiber cable
Size OD 12-22mm DC power cable or OD 7-8mm fiber cable
Number of cables 3 power cable + 4 fiber cable
Color Black
Material EPDM rubber
Operation tempreture (℃) -50 ~ 85
UV Resistance Test Method MIL-STD-810E, Procedure 11, Method 505
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥1000 hours
Weather Resistance Test Method 04AS00-03.9.0
Part number Description
RFM084223 Clamp for 3 power cables 12-22mm and 4 fiber cables 7-8mm


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