Rubber insert for 1-3/8″ hybrid cable, used with 1-5/8″ hanger

rubber insert for 138 verizon hybrid cableAs per customer needs, Maxdao now developed a new size rubber insert for one 1-3/8″ (34.8mm) hybrid cable.

This new rubber insert are developed for coaxial, fiber or hybrid cable (such as CommScope’s fiberfeed or RFS’s HybriFlex cable) whose outer jacket diameter is between 33-35mm.

The hanger grommet can be used together with 1-5/8″ snap-in, butterfly hangers or coax blocks.

  • Designed specially for FTTA cabling
  • Manufactured with high quality EPDM
  • tested in high low temperature environment
  • can be used in extreme weather conditions
For cable Coaxial, fiber, hybrid cable, CommScope’s fiberfeed or RFS’s HybriFlex cable or conduit, outer jacket diameter range is 33-35mm
Use with hanger 1-5/8″ snap-in, butterfly hanger or coax blocks
Color Black
Material Type EPDM rubber
UV Resistance Test Method MIL-STD-810E, Procedure 11, Method 505
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥1000 hours
Weather Resistance Test Method 04AS00-03.9.0|IEC 60529:2001, IP66
Part NO. Description
HI-158-138 Rubber insert for 1-3/8″ cable, used with 1-5/8″ hanger




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