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What content should be included in feeder clamp specification?Returns list
What content should be included in feeder clamp specification?

Feeder clamp, sometimes named hanger kit for coaxial cable, single, double or triple stack, a whole set with coax blocks, hardware and angle adapter, should have a detail specification include the following detail;

Include, the cable outer diameter range it can fix, the angle adapter fix range and if it can be installed on Angle iron, rod, flat or sometimes uni strut?

General specs;
Hanger type, cable can be fixed, BOM list and material, surface treatment, color…

Mechanical specs;
Application temperature / humidity range
Installation temperature / humidity range
Storage temperature / humidity range
Shelf life, Estimated outdoor life
Metal material anti constant neutral salt spray test capabilities
Non-metallic materials light aging ability ISO 4892.2 Cycle1
Non-metallic materials anti-fungal ability IEC 68-2-10
Water resistance of non-metallic materials (UL746C)
Rubber (rubber member if any) resistance to ozone capacity ASTM D1149
Mechanical properties – wind capacity (wind speed at a certain limit, the retaining clip and install the carrier no relative displacement, cable and the retaining clips no relative displacement)
Mechanical properties – wrapped ice carrying capacity (cable wrapped ice, wrapped in ice thickness in certain limit, the retaining clip and install the carrier no relative displacement, the cable retaining clip and no relative displacement)

Quantity per bag, Quantity per carton, Weight, Carton dimension