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Hanger adapter grommet for one 10mm and two 20.4mm cable
Dec 05 , 2017

As per customer needs, Maxdao now developed a new size Hanger adapter grommet for one 10mm and two 20.4mm cable.

This new hanger adapter grommet are design for coaxial, fiber, CommScope’s fiberfeed or RFS’s HybriFlex cable whose outer jacket diameter is between 9.5-10.5mm or 19.5-22mm.

The hanger grommet can be used together with 1-5/8″ snap-in, butterfly hangers or coax blocks.

  • Designed specially for FTTA cabling
  • Manufactured with high quality EPDM
  • tested in high low temperature environment
  • can be used in extreme weather conditions
    For cable Coaxial, fiber, hybrid cable, CommScope’s fiberfeed or RFS’s HybriFlex cable or conduit
    Use with hanger 1-5/8″ snap-in, butterfly hanger or coax blocks
    Color Black
    Material Type EPDM rubber
    UV Resistance Test Method MIL-STD-810E, Procedure 11, Method 505
    UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥1000 hours
    Weather Resistance Test Method 04AS00-03.9.0|IEC 60529:2001, IP66
    Part NO. Description
    HI-158-20021001 Hanger adapter grommet with one 10mm and two 20.4mm holes