90°Male Connector strain relief grip
Part Number: DCGxxx
Size: 0.250-1.375”
Material: Stainless steel
OEM: Accepted
Product Details
  • Securely hold, pull or support the wire, rope, tubing or fiber optic cable
  • Pull cable, rope, or tubing into place,support it after it has been installed, to prevent cable pullout
  • provide strain-relief that reduces the arc of bend at points of wire connections or terminations
  • wide selection of style, weave, attachment and wire options designed
Product Specifications
Part Number Cable Diameter NPT Fittings Mesh Length
DCG9409 0.250-0.375”(6.35-9.52mm) 1/2” 4.25”(107.95mm)
DCG9412 0.375-0.500”(9.52-12.70mm) 1/2” 6.25”(158.75mm)
DCG9415 0.500-0.625”(12.70-15.88mm) 1/2” 6.50”(165.10mm)
DCG9612 0.375-0.500”(9.52-12.70mm) 3/4” 6.25”(158.75mm)
DCG9615 0.500-0.625”(12.70-15.88mm 3/4” 6.50”(165.10mm)
DCG9619 0.625-0.750”(15.88-19.05mm) 3/4” 8.50”(215.90mm)
DCG9819 0.625-0.750”(15.88-19.05mm) 1” 8.50”(215.90mm)
DCG9822 0.750-0.875”(19.05-22.23mm) 1” 9.25”(234.95mm)
DCG9825 0.875-1.000”(22.23-25.40mm) 1” 9.50”(241.30mm)
DCG91025 0.875-1.000”(22.23-25.40mm) 1-1/4” 9.50”(241.30mm)
DCG91028 1.000-1.125”(25.40-28.58mm) 1-1/4” 9.50”(241.30mm)
DCG91231 1.125-1.250”(28.58-31.75mm) 1-1/2” 10.0”(254.00mm)
DCG91234 1.250-1.375”(31.75-34.93mm) 1-1/2” 12.0”(304.89mm)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days