Dust tight grips
Part Number: DTGxxx
Size: 0.22-2.45”
Material: Stainless steel,aluminum
OEM: Accepted
Product Details
  • Provides secure cable termination and prevents cable pullout
  • Absorbs longitudinal stresses placed on the point of termination caused by pulling or bending the cable
  • Supplied with locknut ,nylon insulated bushing and neoprene gasket to provide a dirt and dust free seal
  • Constructed with steel mesh and aluminum thread body adding to safety by extending cable life
  • Wide range, single weave mesh construction
  • Recommend for indoor use in wiring of enclosures, power boxes, machine tools and power centers
Product Specifications
Part Number Cable Diameter NPT Fittings
DTG1201 0.22-0.32”(5.6-8.1mm) 1/2”
DTG1202 0.30-0.43”(7.6-10.9mm) 1/2”
DTG1203 0.40-0.54”(10.1-13.7mm) 1/2”
DTG3401 0.52-0.73”(13.2-18.5mm) 3/4”
DTG101 0.70-0.97”(17.8-24.6mm) 1”
DTG11401 0.94-1.25”(23.8-31.8mm) 1-1/4”
DTG11201 1.20-1.50”(30.5-38.1mm) 1-1/2”
DTG201 1.40-1.75”(35.6-44.5mm) 2”
DTG21201 1.62-2.00”(41.1-50.8mm) 2-1/2”
DTG21202 2.00-2.45”(50.8-62.2mm) 2-1/2”

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days