Pre-laced aramid fiber support grips
Part Number: FAHSxxP
Size: 0.40-2.36”
Material: Aramid fiber
OEM: Accepted
Product Details
  • These grips are woven of high strength, non-conductive aramid fiber
  • Are available for pulling single cable or cable bundles.
  • Their braided weave design adds strength and positive holding power
  • Can be used in essentially all grip configurations
  • Grips are corrosion resistant
Product Specifications
Part Number Cable Diameter Bale Length Mesh Length Approx

Break Strength

FAHS38P 0.40-0.47”(10.2-12.0mm) 6.0”(152.4mm) 6.0”(152.4mm) 500 lbs.
FAHS12P 0.45-0.63”(11.4-16.0mm) 7.0”(177.8mm) 10.0”(254.0mm) 500 lbs.
FAHS58P 0.84-0.89”(21.3-22.6mm) 12.0”(304.8mm) 10.0”(254.0mm) 900 lbs.
FAHS78P 1.08-1.20”(27.4-30.5mm) 13.0”(330.2mm) 17.0”(431.8mm) 900 lbs.
FAHS114P 1.54-1.67”(39.1-42.4mm) 10.0”(254.0mm) 24.0”(609.6mm) 1200 lbs.
FAHS158P 1.98-2.04”(50.3-51.8mm) 12.0”(304.8mm) 25.0”(635.0mm) 1600 lbs.
FAHS214P 2.35-2.36”(59.7-60.0mm) 14.0”(355.6mm) 27.0”(685.8mm) 1600 lbs.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days