Single eye closed bus drop support grips
Part Number: MBHGxxxxPL
Size: 0.22-1.25”
Material: Galvanized steel
OEM: Accepted
Product Details
  • Bus drop grips are woven of galvanized steel wire
  • Relieve any direct tension from the critical connection and absorb vibration and flexing
  • Offered with either the single eye or locking bale attachment
  • Bus drop grips are used as cable support from bus duct
  • Optional bus drop safety spring can be used with single eye type of disassembling draw bar from coll, placing through eye loop and replacing draw bar
  • Single eye for use when cable is vertical and for applications where cable bends
Product Specifications
Part Number Cable Diameter Bale Length Mesh Length Approx

Break Strength

MBHG0509PL 0.22-0.32”(5.6-8.1mm) 9”(228.6mm) 3.5”(88.9mm) 1100 lbs.
MBHG0710PL 0.30-0.43”(7.6-10.9mm) 9”(228.6mm) 4.5”(114.3mm) 1100 lbs.
MBHG1014PL 0.41-0.56”(10.4-14.2mm) 9”(228.6mm) 5.0”(127.0mm) 1100 lbs.
MBHG1419PL 0.53-0.73”(13.5-18.5mm) 9”(228.6mm) 6.5”(165.1mm) 1100 lbs.
MBHG1722PL 0.70-0.85”(17.8-21.6mm) 9”(228.6mm) 8.5”(215.9mm) 1900 lbs.
MBHG1925PL 0.82-1.00”(20.8-25.4mm) 9”(228.6mm) 8.5”(215.9mm) 1900 lbs.
MBHG2532PL 0.96-1.25”(24.4-31.8mm) 9”(228.6mm) 11.0”(279.4mm) 1900 lbs.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days