Double eye heavy duty pulling grips

  • Part Number: DCSxxxx
  • Size: 0.25-4.50”
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • OEM: Accepted
  • Product Details
  • Product Specifications
  • Pulling Grips have either single or double eye for attaching to the pulling rope.
  • The correct pulling gripseases low and high voltage cable pulling into ducts, trenches and conduits.
  • Provide an efficient method for cable installation and support within their load carrying capacity
Part Number Cable Diameter Eye Diameter Mesh Length Approx Break Strength
DCS0613 0.25-0.52”(6.3-13.2mm) 3”(76.2mm) 9”(228.6mm) 1680 lbs.
DCS1319 0.53-0.74”(13.4-18.8mm) 3”(76.2mm) 14”(355.6mm) 2240 lbs.
DCS1925 0.75-0.99”(19.0-25.1mm) 4”(101.6mm) 16”(406.4mm) 5600 lbs.
DCS2538 1.00-1.49”(25.4-37.8mm) 6”(152.4mm) 18”(457.2mm) 7840 lbs.
DCS3850 1.50-1.99”(38.1-50.5mm) 8”(203.2mm) 21”(533.4mm) 11200 lbs.
DCS5063 2.00-2.49”(50.8-63.2mm) 10”(254.0mm) 24”(609.6mm) 11200 lbs.
DCS6389 2.50-3.49”(63.5-88.6mm) 12”(304.8mm) 27”(685.8mm) 13440 lbs.
DCS89115 4.00-4.50”(101.6-114.3mm) 12”(304.8mm) 27”(685.8mm) 15680 lbs.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days