Multi-weave rotating eye pulling grip

  • Part Number: RMCSxxx
  • Size: 0.25-3.99”
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • OEM: Accepted
  • Product Details
  • Product Specifications
  • Multi-weave pulling grips are constructed of high strength galvanized steel and are designed for pulling aluminum or copper bare conductor, wire rope and insulated cables
  • The forged steel rotating eye will thread through sheaves and blocks without binding, but is not a swivel and will not turn under tension
  • Multi-weave pulling grips are available with a flexible or rotating eye, which can be attached to a swivel
  • The rotating eye can turn to relieve pulling torque when tension is relaxed
  • These grips are used in applications such as distribution line stringing and overhead transmission
Part Number Cable Diameter Eye Diameter Mesh Length Approx Break Strength
RMCS010 0.25-0.49”(6.4-12.5mm) 7/8”(22.2mm) 26”(660.4mm) 6800 lbs.
RMCS016 0.50-0.74”(12.7-18.8mm) 1”(25.4mm) 32”(812.8mm) 10000 lbs.
RMCS022 0.75-0.99”(19.1-25.1mm) 1”(25.4mm) 41”(1041.4mm) 14400 lbs.
RMCS025 1.00-1.24”(25.4-31.8mm) 1-3/8”(34.9mm) 52”(1320.8mm) 24600 lbs.
RMCS032 1.25-1.49”(31.8-37.8mm) 1-5/8”(41.3mm) 56”(1422.4mm) 30600 lbs.
RMCS038 1.50-1.74”(38.1-44.2mm)) 1-7/8”(47.6mm) 60”(1524.0mm) 30600 lbs.
RMCS050 2.00-2.49”(50.8-63.3mm) 1-7/8”(47.6mm) 50”(1270.0mm) 48000 lbs.
RMCS060 2.50-2.99”(63.5-76.0mm) 1-7/8”(47.6mm) 52”(1320.8mm) 48000 lbs.
RMCS070 3.00-3.49”(76.2-88.6mm) 1-7/8”(47.6mm) 54”(1371.6mm) 48000 lbs.
RMCS080 3.50-3.99”(88.9-101.3mm) 1-7/8”(47.6mm) 56”(1422.4mm) 48000 lbs.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days