Short length flexible eye junior pulling grip

  • Part Number: FOPGxxx-S
  • Size: 0.25-1.25”
  • Material: Tinned-bronze
  • OEM: Accepted
  • Product Details
  • Product Specifications
  • Single weave variable mesh automatically adjusts its grip to the load providing non-slip pulling and protects cable insulation from damage
  • They are woven from tinned-bronze wire to provide superior corrosion resistance and are available in single eye and locking bale configurations
  • Junior duty series grips are indispensable tools for electricians with small job requirements
  • Used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, utility work and light duty underground transmission line stringing
  • Junior pulling grips designed for pulling insulated building wire through conduit where pulling tensions are low and to connect a bundle of insulated building wire to a pulling tape
Part Number Cable Diameter Mesh Length Approx Break Strength
FOPG0609-S 0.25-0.36”(6.4-9.1mm) 5”(127.0mm) 1700 lbs.
FOPG0912-S 0.37-0.49”(9.4-12.4mm) 7”(177.8mm) 1700 lbs.
FOPG1215-S 0.50-0.61”(12.7-15.5mm) 8”(203.2mm) 1700 lbs.
FOPG1519-S 0.62-0.74”(15.7-19.0mm) 10”(254.0mm) 2800 lbs.
FOPG1925-S 0.75-0.99”(19.1-25.1mm) 10”(254.0mm) 4100 lbs.
FOPG2532-S 1.00-1.25”(25.4-31.8mm) 12”(304.8mm) 4100 lbs.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days