Maxdao Launches Innovative MaxHanger Blocks for Enhanced Telecom Installations

Jun 19, 2024

Plano, Texas – June 19, 2024 – Maxdao, a leading manufacturer of wireless installation materials, proudly announces the launch of its innovative MaxHanger Blocks. These new cable hangers are designed to accommodate a variety of cable sizes, simplifying and accelerating the telecom installations.

Key Benefits of MaxHanger Blocks:

  • Innovative crossover design fits various cable diameters, 1 type to fit various cables.
  • Positioning design allows for multi-directional cable installation and enhances stability between blocks.
  • Internal Latch design improves internal positioning for a secure and reliable fit.
  • Outer Shape enhance the strength and minimize the wind load.
  • Manufactured with high quality materials, meet strict environmental standards, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Industry Impact:

In the past, cable hangers could only hold a small range of cable sizes. With the growing use of hybrid cables, which combine both data (fiber) and power (copper) cables, the size of the cables can vary greatly. Installers often had to use extra barrel cushions to make these cables fit properly. This added extra steps to the installation process, increasing the risk of mistakes, higher costs, and longer installation times.

The innovative MaxHanger Blocks solve this problem by fitting a wider range of cable sizes with just one product. This means installers no longer need to use additional barrel cushions, which saves a lot of time and reduces the chance of errors. It also lowers the overall cost of installation. With MaxHanger Blocks, telecom installations become quicker, safer, and more efficient, making them a valuable tool for modern telecom infrastructure.

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MaxHanger Blocks
MaxHanger Blocks

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