Maxdao's black Strain Relief Grip enables customer-adapted black connectors

14 July 2023

MAXDAO, as a manufacturer of wire mesh grips for many years, can provide customized solutions based on customer usage scenarios. A customer who makes cable connectors in Europe approached us for their product development needs.They need an all-black wire mesh grip to fit their connectors for stage lighting equipment. Their requirements included the tension, sealing and service life of the wire mesh grips.

Customer Challenges

The customer faces the challenge of meeting specific tension requirements while also requiring product size adaptation.Furthermore, the product must pass various tests such as UV resistance, salt spray resistance, flame retardancy, and remain unaffected by rain, fog, and other environmental factors during its operational life.

Maxdao Solution

Upon receiving the customer's request, the MAXDAO team promptly conducted a comprehensive analysis of the requirements. As a result, we developed a black Strain Relief Grip with the following advantages:

  • The strain relief grip consists of five key components: wire mesh, compression nut, grommet rubber, friction ring, and thread body. The split-type design offers several advantages, including easy installation and removal. It allows for universal usage across a range of cable sizes, accommodating various connectors. The mesh part is made of black UV-resistant and flame-retardant nylon-wrapped steel wire. This material is resistant to salt spray and does not cause any harm to the cable's surface. Additionally, the nylon-wrapped wire rope offers increased strength, contributing to an extended service life of the strain relief grip.

Parts of the black strain relief grip 1
test of the black strain relief grip 1
  • Wire mesh is formed by single and double wire braiding, the single wire part acts as a guide and the double wire part wraps around the tightening cable surface to provide more pulling force.
mesh of the strain relief 1

  • The thread body component is custom-designed to match the customer's product thread and is made of aluminum alloy with black anodized surface. It features an O-slot to accommodate the sealing ring, effectively addressing waterproof concerns. The black aluminum alloy connector offers superior strength and enhanced corrosion resistance.
thread body of the grip
  • Sealing is accomplished through the utilization of a rubber reducer sleeve. The compression nut and thread body tighten the sleeve, causing it to shrink and deform the rubber components, effectively creating a reliable seal. This sealing mechanism enables the product to achieve an IP65 waterproof rating.
other parts 1
  • Strain relief grips play a crucial role in connecting cables to enclosures and industrial equipment. They effectively prevent cable or conduit pull-out caused by tension at the termination point. Additionally, these grips distribute strain evenly along the mesh during bending, thereby extending the cable's lifespan. The application of all-black strain relief grips in stage equipment is particularly advantageous. They eliminate reflections on the light output, enhancing the overall stage effect and delivering a better visual experience.
the black grip 1


The innovative design successfully met all the requirements, leaving the client highly satisfied with both the product and the service provided by Maxdao. This achievement further reinforced the longstanding trust between the two companies. 

black strain relief grip 1
Picture of the Black Strain Relief Grip with connector

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