Cable Entry Panels Feeder Windows Kit, 3×3, 5 in port with caps

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Material Number: 6001506
  • Size: 5"
  • Port Type: 3X3

Sealing caps and mounting hardware included. Quick and easy to install. Excellent for outdoor & indoor use.

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Product Classification
Material Number 6001506
Part Number
Status Active
Detail Description Cable entry panels feeder windows kit,3×3,5 in port with capst,include 1 pcs 5’’entry panel and 9 pcs end cap and 12 pcs tapping screw and 12 pcs nylon wall plug and 12 pcs fisheye washer
General Specifications
Material Aluminum entry panel & EPDM end cap & Nylon wall plug & SUS304 fisheye washer and tapping screw
Entry panle port size 127 mm | 5 in
Number of ports 9
Panel type Multiple
Color Gray & Black
Panel size(Length×Width×Height) 647.1 mm×241.3 mm×38mm | 25.5 in×25.5 in×1.5 in
Tapping screw size ST5.5×45 mm |ST0.22 in×1.77 in
Wall plug size M8×40 mm |M8×1.57 in
Fisheye washer size M6×18 mm |M8×0.71 in
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃(-40℉to +185℉)
Waterproof resistance IP66,based on ISO20653:2013
Packaging and Weights
Carton length 492 mm | 19.37 in
Carton width 270 mm | 10.63 in
Carton height 50 mm | 1.97 in
Packaging Carton
Included Entry panel & Cap & wall plug & Tapping screw & Fisheye washer
Weight, gross 0.752 kg | 1.658 lb
Certifications and Compliance
ISO 9001:2015 Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system
RoHS Compliant

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