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Your Exclusive Project Team

Your Exclusive Project Team

We enlist an exclusive team of experts to handle your project and utilize cutting-edge technology to test the performance of our wireless site components.

Consult with us on the challenges of your industry and how we can gauge the performance of our wireless site components.

Stringent Material Selection

With our network of certified suppliers, we gain easy and fast access to durable and safe materials to ensure efficient and cost-friendly production.

Inspections involve the use of advanced equipment to see if the incoming material surface is smooth and flat. Learn more by reading through our quality control testings below.

Stringent Material Selection

Quality Control Testing

In every step of production, we maintain consistent quality and performance through our variety of tests that are handled by our leading professionals.

  • High/Low-Temprature Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Flame Retardant Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Waterproof Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Halogen Test
High/Low-Temprature Test

High/Low-Temprature Test

In responding to shifting weather conditions, our accredited laboratory handles high/low-temperature testing to see how our wireless site components perform under adverse conditions.

Components that have passed through rigorous testing show their capability to adapt and function well in diverse environments.

Vibration Test

Vibration Test

For components to maintain their shape and performance, we conduct vibration tests during production.

Through our consistent vibration testing, we identify defects and determine the durability of our product line to make any improvements beforehand.

Flame Retardant Test

Flame Retardant Test

Applying different flame retardant chemicals allows us to find the right protection for our wireless site components while ensuring that they can be safely used.

Testing the flame retardance of our wireless site components reduce fire hazards and protect against intense heat.

Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test

In compliance with SUS304 standards, we conduct salt spray tests to see how our components resist corrosive chemicals and ensure their longevity.

Consistent testing helps determine how our wireless site components work around saltwater and high elevation areas.

Waterproof Test

Waterproof Test

To meet high IP ratings and waterproofing standards, we carry out strict tests to reduce hazards and failures while withstanding corrosion, rust, and other forms of deformation.

Our accredited laboratory has the equipment and certification needed to measure the waterproofness performance of our wireless site components.


Tensile Test

Every wireless site component tested rigorously in our certified laboratories is measured for their ability to perform under high levels of tension.

Through our tests, all components possess high tensile strength and rarely break down, reducing any need for maintenance.

Halogen Test

Halogen Test

To carry out high conductivity and improve electrical flow, we conduct tests to detect concentrations of halogens in our wireless site components.

Furthermore, our tests guarantee overall safety from harsh chemicals and find the right amount fit for your application.


We provide inspection reports from every level of production and quality assurance while displaying the capabilities and certification of our suppliers.

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