Maxdao's Color Cold Shrink Tube

18 July 2023

With years of experience as a manufacturer in the telecommunications industry, MAXDAO provides an extensive selection of communication accessories. Recently a customer in Asia approached Maxdao for their product development requirements. Specifically, they required color cold shrink tubes to be utilized in their antenna system.

Customer Challenges

The customer faced the challenge of achieving a high level of sealing and waterproofing. Additionally, they required different color options to match their cable aesthetics.Furthermore, the cold shrink tube needed to possess UV resistance properties to ensure durability and longevity in outdoor environments.

Maxdao Solution

Upon receiving the customer's request, the MAXDAO team promptly conducted a comprehensive analysis of the requirements. As a result, we developed the color cold shrink tube.

  • To meet the customer's requirements of achieving IP67 waterproof rating and operating temperature range of -40 to 70°C, we selected silicone rubber as the material for the product. We conducted a series of tests including waterproof testing, high and low-temperature testing, and UV testing. We provided the customer with comprehensive test reports, ensuring that the product meets the necessary standards for waterproofing, temperature resistance, and UV stability.

test of the color cold shrink 2
During Test
test high low temperature
Test Result of High&Low Temperature Test
test IP6X 3
Test Result of IP6X Test
  • We matched the color of our product according to the customer's cable color and received their approval.


The successful development of the color cold shrink tube has fully satisfied the customer's requirements, resulting in their high satisfaction with Maxdao's products and services. This positive experience has further solidified the long-standing trust and strengthened the mutually beneficial partnership between the two companies.

color cold shrink tube
Picture of the Color Cold Shrink Tube

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