Gasket O-ring 3×60mm

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Material Number: 6002441
  • Type: Others

Quick and easy to install. Excellent seal performance. Suitable for various application environment.

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Product Classification
Material Number 6002441
Part Number
Status Active
Detail description Gasket O-ring 3×60mm
General Specifications
Material Butyl rubber
Color Black
Rubber diameter 2.62 mm | 0.1 in
Inner hole diameter 61.6 mm | 2.43 in
Mechancial Specifications
Specific gravity, g/cm³ 2.05±0.1,based on GB/T531-1999
Hardness/shore A 70±10,based on GB/T533-1991
Tensile strength/MPa >1.3,based on GB/T528-1998
Elongation at break/% 100-300,based on GB/T528-1998
Compression set,70hrs@100℃,% max <32,based on ASTM D395
Electrical Specifications
Volume resistance,ohm-cm,max <0.1,based on MIL-G-83528
Shielding effectiveness,dB,min 200kHz(H Field),result 80,,based on MIL-G-83528

100MHz(H Field),result 100,,based on MIL-G-83528

500MHz(H Field),result 100,,based on MIL-G-83528

2GHz(Plane Wave),result 90,,based on MIL-G-83528

10GHz(Plane Wave),result 85,,based on MIL-G-83528

Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -40℃ to +125℃(-40℉to +257℉)
Low temperature flex TR10,℃,min -55,based on MIL-G-83528
Maximum continuous use temperature, ℃ 150,based on MIL-G-83528
Heat aging,volume resistance,ohm-cm,max 0.12,based on MIL-G-83528
Packaging and Weights
Bag width 200 mm | 7.87 in
Bag length 200 mm | 7.87 in
Packaging quantity and UOM 1 pcs
Weight gross 0.00299 kg | 0.00659 lb
Certifications and Compliance
ISO 9001:2015 Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system
ROHS Compliant

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