Whipcheck Safety Cable, Hose To Tool, Stainless Steel, 1-1/2” To 3” Hose Size

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Material Number: 6007127
  • Type: Whipchecks

Whipchecks are commonly used on hose for air, water blast, drilling, steam, concrete, sandblast or other high pressure applications. Whipchecks should be installed in the fully extended position (no slack) for proper safety assurance. Hose to tool is used at the hose and fitting outlet, the spring loaded loop is placed over the hose, and the choker end is wrapped around the tool handle or fitting outlet. CE certified.

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Material Number 6007127
Part Number
Status Active
Detail Description Whipcheck safety cable, hose to tool, stainless steel, 1-1/2” to 3” hose size
Cable Range 1-1/2-3 in | 38.10-76.20 mm
Length 38.0 in | 965.2 mm
Max. Working Pressure 200 psi
Approx. Break Strength 4761 lbs | 2160 kg
Working Load 952.2 lbs | 432.0 kg (Safety Factor 5*)
Material Type Stainless Steel
UOM 1 pcs
Packaging Bag
Weight, gross 0.807 lb | 0.366 kg
ISO 9001:2015 Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system
RoHS Compliant
CE Compliant

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