Maxdao's Kevlar Pulling Grip

28 July 2023

With extensive experience as a wire mesh grip manufacturer, MAXDAO offers tailored solutions for our customers' specific usage scenarios. Recently, an Asian customer, focused on offshore fiber optic cable production, approached us to develop a straightforward method for securing fiber optic cables to equipment, enabling efficient offshore wind cable laying and submarine cable towing.

Customer Challenges

The customer faced several main challenges, including finding a convenient method to connect the cable to the hauling equipment, requiring a high breaking force, withstanding harsh coastal environments, ensuring sufficient corrosion resistance, lightweight features, and avoiding harm to the cable's surface or deformation under stress.

Maxdao Solution

Upon receiving the customer's requirements, the Maxdao team promptly conducted a thorough analysis and proposed the following Kevlar Pulling Grip.

  • The product is made of high-strength Kevlar fiber,known for its exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant properties, and permanent resistance to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. The outer surface is coated with high-quality PU material, providing effective long-term UV protection and extending the service life of the mesh cover.

kevlar material
  • The pre-laced design, under the premise of comprehensive safety, effectively addresses the challenge of accommodating a wide range of cable outer diameters,it is suitable for pulling single cables as well as multiple cable bundles.
  • The flexible surface conforms closely to the cable, increasing the friction on the surface, ensuring a secure grip and even distribution of force. The flexibility allows for easy bending without damaging the cable surface or causing deformation.
surface of the grip 1
  • The grip is constructed using a one-piece woven molding technique, and the aramid material provides high strength and lightweight properties. This ensures the grip's ability to handle heavy loads, enhancing safety during construction. Additionally, the grip is easy to install, serving as a convenient traction tool to streamline cable-to-equipment connections and improve work efficiency.
test of the grip
application of the grip 1


The innovative design successfully met all the requirements, leaving the client highly satisfied with both the product and the service provided by Maxdao. This achievement further reinforced the longstanding trust between the two companies. 

aramid fiber pulling grip
Picture of the Kevlar Pulling Grip

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