Maxdao Launch Hybrid Junction Box

Mar 15, 2023

Taizhou, Jiangsu - Maxdao, a leader in wireless installation material manufacturing, has unveiled an innovative hybrid junction box to address the growing challenges faced by telecom industry.

As the demand for network devices increases, the industry need a solution for power and fiber-optic connections while ensuring durability and installation versatility.

Based on year’s experience, Maxdao launched the hybrid junction box offers the following advantages:

  • An innovative outer shell design together with sealing strip to offer IP67 weather resistance, 1000 hours UV resistant, allowing the box to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and ensuring a longer service life for equipment.
  • Anti-theft and anti-drop fixing screws to provide safety and error-free installations.
  • A rotation-preventing design at the gland for improved product installation reliability.
  • Pre-installed grounding wire connected to the box itself, saving time and labor costs by eliminating the need for additional ground wire installation.
  • An innovative universal mounting bracket design that can be fixed to walls, poles, or angles, greatly reducing installation time.

The innovative design met all industry requirements. The introduction of this hybrid junction box marks a significant milestone in providing advanced and reliable solutions for the telecommunication industry.

Hybrid Junction Box for Fiber Power Connections
Hybrid Junction Box for Fiber Power Connections

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