Closed mesh locking bale grips
Part Number: LSHGxx
Size: 0.22-1.25”
Material: Tinned-bronze
OEM: Accepted
Product Details
  • Service drop grips provide support for utility distribution lines from service pole to building or from pole to pole
  • They are woven from tinned-bronze wire to provide superior corrosion resistance and are available in single eye and Locking Bale configurations
  • They can also be used for cable TV and fiber optic cable support
  • Locking bale attachment fits around beam or pipe and can be locked in place
Product Specifications
 Part Number Cable Diameter Bale Length Mesh Length Approx

Break Strength

LSHG06 0.22-0.32”(5.6-8.1mm) 10”(254.0mm) 4”(101.6mm) 290 lbs.
LSHG09 0.30-0.43”(7.6-10.1mm) 11”(279.4mm) 5”(127.0mm) 500 lbs.
LSHG12 0.41-0.56”(10.4-14.2mm) 12”(304.8mm) 5”(127.0mm) 500 lbs.
LSHG16 0.53-0.73”(13.4-18.5mm) 14”(355.6mm) 8”(203.2mm) 790 lbs.
LSHG22 0.70-0.97”(17.8-24.6mm) 14”(355.6mm) 9”(228.6mm) 1020 lbs.
LSHG25 0.94-1.25”(23.8-31.8mm) 16”(406.4mm) 11”(279.4mm) 1020 lbs.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Plastic bag, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 3-15 days